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Praxio is the Digital Knowledge Vault™ That Trains Your Team, Documents Your
Systems and Processes, and Aggregates All Your Company's Best Ideas In One Place.

Praxio's TRAINING tool is a powerful learning management solution (LMS) that makes it easy for managers and leaders to curate and compile best-in-class trainings (either from our library or third party sources such as YouTube and Wistia), allowing for efficient, automated, on-the-job-training.

MANAGERS us because we speed team training and communication

HR PROS us because we automate new employee onboarding and development

SALES LEADERS us because we reduce Sales and Customer Success ramp times

TEAMS us because we aggregate all your trainings and checklists in one place

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How It Works

Let's Build Your Company's User Manual

Step 1:

Curate Best In Class Trainings (Pull from our library, your own content, or from third party sources such as YouTube and Wistia)

How It Works - Step 1

Step 2:

Contextualize the Training and Make It "Manager-Led" (Your team will respond to the training better if they know how it applies to their job)

How It Works - Step 2

Step 3:

Bridge the Training To Relevant Playbooks (combine learning with execution)

How It Works - Step 3

Step 4:

Track Your Team's Progress To Make Sure They're Hitting Their Goals

How It Works - Step 4

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Why the name, Praxio, you ask?

Praxio is a variation on the term 'praxis,' which loosely translates into 'learning by doing.' And at Praxio, we believe that DOING is far and away the best way to learn! That's why we combined a powerful LMS (learning) with a powerful process management tool (DOING). Learning combined with DOING...knowledge combined with ACTION. That's what makes Praxio different! Start your free trial today."